Welcome to the Taxidermy Africa Website. Taxidermy Africa is owned and run by John and Cathy Peacock. We moved to the Eastern Cape in 1989 and started our taxidermy studio with Cathy’s father, Terence Coffin‑Grey, as our consultant. Our long association with the game industry and personal hunting experience in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa gives us a sound background for reproducing lifelike African trophies to world class standards.

Terence Coffin‑Grey, our consultant, is one of the pioneers and a doyen of the taxidermy industry in Southern Africa. He has more than 65 years experience in both commercial and museum taxidermy. John, a student of Terence from an early age, has practiced taxidermy full time for over 20 years since the inception of Taxidermy Africa.

Taxidermy Africa offers a comprehensive taxidermy service, which includes the mounting of all mammals and reptiles to museum standard quality. Trophies are mounted to our client's specifications. Every phase of work is an in-house operation carried out in our studio. We offer forms in polyurethane foam, designed and sculpted in our studio. We are constantly adding to our large range of mannikins and we specialize in custom mounts of museum quality.

We have a comprehensive collection service organised throughout South Africa. Contact us with the details of your Outfitter or Professional Hunter and we will ensure that the trophies are safely received on our premises. We will organize imports from anywhere in Africa.


“Man has the right to enjoy the fruits of creation, and hunting is one of his ways and means. It is the oldest known skill, and if it is lost to him through neglect or emotion, or mistaken interpretation of the laws of nature, then man will be weakened. He will have lost one of his attributes. Man is a creature of his environment, and that was originally the wilderness. He has built cities and can fly around the moon, but if he forgets the art of survival as an individual in the bush, then he will lose his soul. He will become but a cog in a huge machine.”

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