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How do I book a hunt in Africa?
How do I estimate the total cost of my hunt?
How do I obtain permits for the export and importation of my trophies?
How do I organise the import of my firearms into South Africa?
How do I get my trophies to Taxidermy Africa after the hunt?
How do I consolidate a consignment
How do I pay Taxidermy Africa for their services?
How do I know that Taxidermy Africa is a reputable and reliable taxidermy studio?
How do I request a list of client references
How do I preserve and clean my mounted trophies?
Why should I use a South African taxidermist - Taxidermy Africa?
When is the best time to hunt in Africa?
What is the cost of Taxidermy Africa compared to a reputable overseas taxidermist?
How are my trophies packed and freighted for export?