Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a hunt in Africa?

Become a member of a reputable hunting association that will steer you in the right direction.

  • Internationally - Dallas Safari Club or Safari Club International (SCI). Contact Taxidermy Africa for the name and contact numbers of the chapter closest to you.
  • In the Eastern Cape of South Africa, the East Cape Game Management Association (ECGMA). Contact Taxidermy Africa for the name and contact numbers.
  • In South Africa, Phasa. Contact Taxidermy Africa for the name and contact numbers.
  • In Zimbabwe, Zatso. Contact Taxidermy Africa for the name and contact numbers.

Subscribe to hunting publications with outfitter advertisements.

Contact JOHN or JÉANE at TAXIDERMY AFRICA for the names of reputable hunting safari outfitters in South Africa who are professional hunters that currently use our services.


How do I estimate the total cost of my hunt?

Obtain the cost of the hunt from your contractors/outfitters/professional hunter. Check their credentials with their clients. Remember that we can supply contact details for reputable outfitters.
E-mail, fax or snail-mail Taxidermy Africa your 'wish list' so that we may:

  • Quote you on the taxidermy, crating and documentation.
  • Estimate the freight cost of the consignment to your home.


How do I obtain permits for the export and importation of my trophies?


  • Contact the nearest conservation/customs authority in your country of residence for their requirements.
  • You may be required to apply for the relevant Cites I permit before embarking on your hunt. Example: Leopard and Scimitar horned-oryx. Your hunting contractor will have the African details.
  • If you are in the USA contact your nearest U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for information.

"The US Customs Border Patrol "CBP" must be able to verify the actual importer of note as well as his physical address in order to determine whether they are an actual US citizen with a valid physical address. A P.O. Box number is not acceptable as they cannot verify the actual address."


How do I organise the import of my firearms into South Africa?

  • Contact your hunting safari contractor/outfitter/professional hunter for details pertaining to the country in which you wish to hunt.
  • Contact PHASA for the latest changes in legislation


How do I get my trophies to Taxidermy Africa after the hunt?

Contact us at Taxidermy Africa so that we may fax, post or e-mail you detailed instructions.

  • Give us the name and contact details of your outfitter/professional hunter so that we may contact him.
  • We will liaise with your outfitter/professional hunter so that your trophies will be collected by us without delay.
  • Taxidermy Africa will organise the importation of your trophies into South Africa from other African countries.

Enjoy your hunt and be sure to contact us to inform us that your hunt is complete. We will do the rest.


How do I pay Taxidermy Africa for their services?

Taxidermy Africa requires full payment for DIP and PACK consignment prior to their despatch. A 50% deposit is required for all mounted consignments. The balance is required before the consignment leaves our premises. Freight costs are paid directly to the chosen freight company.

South African Reserve Bank legislation requires all trophies for export to be paid for in foreign currency. We quote in US Dollars.

  • Credit cards: We will fax or e-mail you a form to fill in and send back to us. In addition we will require a scanned or faxed copy of both the front and back of your credit card.
  • Bank Transfer: The safest method of payment is by bank transfer.
  • Our delivery period, currently 8 months, is determined from the date on which the deposit is received. Our account details are provided on receipt of trophies and final order.


How do I know that Taxidermy Africa is a reputable and reliable taxidermy studio?

Taxidermy Africa has been catering to the needs of international hunters for over two decades. Please ask us for a list of references. We are members of The Association of Professional Taxidermists and Game skin Tanners of South Africa, SCI, PHASA and the ECGMA.

We have vast experience in the hunting industry, stretching from the early 1960's which saw the birth of modern trophy hunting in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana, to the mushrooming current industry in South Africa.

Terence Coffin-Grey, our consultant, one of the doyens of the taxidermy industry in Southern Africa, has over 70 years experience in both commercial and museum taxidermy.

John Peacock, the top dog, was trained by Terence, and has over 25 years experience in full time taxidermy. This studio was founded by John and is still under his direct supervision.


How do I request a list of client references?

Please contact us for a list of clients in your area.


How do I preserve and clean my mounted trophies?

Trophies must NOT be displayed in direct sunlight. Trophies are fur tanned leather. No leather will withstand continuous heat or excessive light.

Dust off or vacuum clean the trophies. Wipe lightly with a mixture of Almond oil. 2 fl oz. (50ml), purchased from a pharmacy, mixed with 2 pints (1 litre) of turpentine.

Birds should be lightly dusted with a soft paint brush in the direction of the lie of the feathers


Why should I use a South African taxidermist - Taxidermy Africa?

Taxidermy Africa is a reputable taxidermy studio which is a founder member of The Association of Professional Taxidermists and Game Skin Tanners of South Africa.

Terence Coffin-Grey our consultant has 70 years of experience in both commercial and museum taxidermy.  John Peacock has 25 years experience in full time taxidermy.

Compare the 'landed' costs quoted by us with a REPUTABLE taxidermist in your home country, and you'll discover the following: The cost of our taxidermy work, plus crating and air freight, is more cost effective than having your trophies mounted in your home country by a reputable taxidermist.

We are perfectly placed to replace problem capes.

We have a vast and intimate knowledge of all facets of African wildlife. We sculpt our own forms which are anatomically correct in every way and are lifelike representations of your trophies.


When is the best time to hunt in Africa?

In the African Winter. (April to September) Most African Countries have a prescribed hunting season. You will need to choose your country, contact a hunting safari contractor/outfitter/professional hunter who will determine the most favourable times.

In South Africa, whilst there is a prescribed hunting season, ranch owners with Certificates of Adequate Enclosure, are able to hunt all year round. Contact our staff at TAXIDERMY AFRICA.


What is the cost of Taxidermy Africa compared to a reputable overseas taxidermist?

This includes trophy mounting, crating and air freight to your country of residence.

Ask TAXIDERMY AFRICA for a quotation prior to your safari. You will find that it is at least 30% more cost effective to have your trophies mounted by TAXIDERMY AFRICA.


How are my trophies packed and freighted for export?

View packaging and freighting images

Taxidermy Africa is a founder member of the Professional Taxidermists Association of South Africa. As one of the leading taxidermy studios in Southern Africa we are fully accredited by the Veterinary Department for the export and importation of hunting trophies.

Our reinforced plywood crates are custom made for each client. Trophies, whether raw or mounted, curios and personal purchases are packed so as to optimize freight space.

Please contact us to check on requirements for your home country. EEC countries require all trophies to be plastic wrapped. The USA requires certain species to be packed in separate crates or to be plastic wrapped. The rules change regularly!

You will be required to pay the freight and insurance fees to an export agent in South Africa. You may use a recommended broker in your country of residence for the clearing of your consignment or you may do the customs and veterinary clearing yourself.

We use the services of reliable export agents in South Africa for both air and sea freight. Quotations, delivery details, thorough checking of import and export permits are all part of the service provided by Taxidermy Africa's dedicated staff.

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