Procedures at Taxidermy Africa

When a client’s trophies are received or collected, they are listed on an acquisition form. This listing includes all the parts of the trophy collected.

Example : BUSHBUCK skull/horns, cape, back skin, 4 feet.

When trophies enter our factory they are assigned a chronological number per trophy. All the parts of that trophy are then labelled with the same number. The label is stamped and engraved with the clients name as well as the allocated factory number.

Trophies are checked for field damage.  All trophies are recorded on our computerized data base. The client is sent a quotation as well as a covering letter advising him/her of the details which pertain to his trophies. The client is then required to confirm that his quotation is correct.

All parts of the trophy are handled in the manner required by our stringent South African Veterinary Regulations. The skull and horns are boiled, skins are treated and then packed away in classified shelves in a container where they are fumigated on a regular basis.  We are a recognised Veterinary approved taxidermy studio.

All trophies have to be treated on receipt at our facility. The deposit guarantees you a position in the chronological work plan. We have an 8 month delivery period from receipt of our client’s deposit. When a client is asked for his deposit, we also require specific mounting instructions for each trophy. Freight estimates can be supplied with the client approved quotation.

Trophies are tanned in house using modern German tanning techniques. We manufacture our own polyurethane forms for the client’s specific mounting directions. We vacuum form our own ear liners and the artificial eyes are purchased from Germany.

Whilst the trophies are being mounted, all the necessary export permits are applied for from the relevant Nature Conservation Departments. Please note that South African Provincial Nature Conservation Departments charge for permits. This charge is for our client’s account.

Four weeks before the completion of the trophies, the client is advised and final payment is requested. A freight estimate is then presented to the client. We can recommend a reputable freight company and clearing agent at the Port of Entry. Shipping details as well as the final destination address is then finalized with the client. All the trophies are crated and collected by whichever shipping company has been selected by the client.


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